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New Payment option being offered for the month of November only.

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New Payment option being offered for the month of November only. Empty New Payment option being offered for the month of November only.

Post  Admin Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:20 pm

It appears that I overestimated how many videos would be required to satisfy everybody's needs prior to me going on vacation. This has left me with an inventory which I need to blow out prior to going on vacation.

I had previously told customers who were mailing in their payments, that the payments had to be in my mailbox no later than November the 20th.

Since we are approaching the final days that customers would be mailing in their payments to make that cutoff date, it is obvious to me that I need to do something else to deplete my inventory prior to my vacation.

I am going to allow and encourage customers to use Western Union as a payment option for the balance of November. Since payments arrive the same day via Western Union, customers who normally mail in their payments still have plenty of time to place further orders.

In addition to offering Western Union, I am slashing the prices until the current inventory is depleted. (Prices will return to their normal pricing structure once I return from vacation). So this is a great opportunity for everybody to take advantage of one time only pricing.

Please go to the "products and prices" section of the website for details on pricing.

If you wish to place an order via Western Union, please send an email once you are ready to place an order within 24 hours. The subject of the email should read "New WU Order".

Customers who normally pay by debit card will also be able to take advantage of the temporary pricing. Debit card customers will have the option of paying either by debit card or Western Union.


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