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Special is canceled...sold out!

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Special is canceled...sold out! Empty Special is canceled...sold out!

Post  Admin Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:46 pm

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Special has been canceled. I cant believe how much I just sold in 24 hours....I kid you not I just sold a month's worth of product in 24 hours!! Do not send any money via WU, and do not load your debit cards unless I have given you the green light to do so. I would have never guessed that you guys would have bought so much in 24 jaw is on the floor right now with how much was just bought. This offer might be brought back on after the 20th, but I need to stop taking any new orders because I know there is still more mail arriving over the next week. Thanks for the business guys, but NOT load any money onto your cards from this moment on, and no requesting WU info for new orders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are a few customers who contacted me yesterday who said they would be ordering between 112 and 224 guys can still load your cards....I have budgeted your orders into the special being canceled.

These guys are Southhampton, Dino123 and three can still load your cards.....everybody else please hold off loading any funds onto your cards. Thanks


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Special is canceled...sold out! Empty happy

Post  knvb Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:39 am

Great Job FF!

Hello to all my buddies. Keep in touch and enjoy the vids.



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